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Square Table

Artists/Writers of the Square/Rectangular Table
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Hello everyone and welcome to square_table!

We are a Merlin based fic/art community, and want to keep things nice and friendly here.

Basically, you love Merlin, you love a certain 'ship, or even a certain character you can then claim a table, and proceed to make icons, drawings, or fics based off this wonderful show that we all love to watch.


The rules are simple:
1. Flames of any kind are simply unacceptable. If you do not like something, try and be constructive. If you can't say anything nice, it is better that nothing is said.
2. When posting your fic please use the formatted header which is below.
3. ALWAYS warn for things which may be triggering to people.
4. DO NOT post off topic posts without moderators permission.
5. No harassing writers/artists who might be taking a little longer to fill tables than others. Everyone works at their own speed.
6. We're more than happy to have affiliates, but please only advertise or post about it in the affiliate post. We're going to do a promotion newsletter of sorts once a month.
7. All pairings are accepted, and all fans are welcome.
8. If the story contains adult content please change the adult content drop down menu while readying your post.
9. RPF is accepted here, if you don't like it you don't have to read it.
10. Have fun.

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